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Aluminium facade cassettes
      Aluminium facade cassettes are made of aluminium coated in polymer powder. They are perfect for facing office buildings, shopping malls and entertainment centers, sports and industrial facilities, airports, train stations, hotels. In a customized design, they allow creating objects unique in their idea and implementation, which will be talked about all over the world.
Modern automatic equipment is used to make INSI metal facade cassettes, which allows achieving absolute dimensional accuracy.

4 types of aluminium cassettes are available

Type 1.

Open fastening system.

Each cassette is attached to the frame by 4 screws. This type of fastening provides for special reliability when fixing the facing on the bearing structure. Thickness of aluminium cassettes are made of: 1mm; 1.5 mm; 2.0 mm.

Type 2.

Hidden fastening system.

Type 3.

An improved version of type two cassettes, one of the improvements is the reduction of horizontal and vertical seams between cassettes. The facade has no visible fastening systems.

Type 4.

A cassette with an open 4-point fastening system, with large cassette sizes, the number of fastening points can be increased to 6. The open fastening system makes it possible to mount cassets both in the vertical and horizontal plane.

When attached to the bearing structure in the vertical plane, the screw heads are almost invisible. The vertical seam remains “clean”, and in the horizontal seam, the screw heads can only be visible at eye level.

Cassettes with decorative perforation

With the help of perforated facade metal cassettes, you can give the building a unique appearance, which will allow revealing all the creative potential of architects, designers, and developers.

Two types of perforation are available

  • Standard
  • Decorative (as per customer drawings)

Ventilated facade systems

Suspended facade systems (SFS) are used for exterior decoration and insulation of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. The air gap between the curtain system and the facade determines the most important operational qualities and functionality of SFS.

Arranging suspended systems
  • fasteners — brackets and load-bearing profiles, anchor elements;
  • insulation layer – most often, mineral wool slabs of double density;
  • wind- and moisture-proof membrane – protects the insulation from strong air flows and removes excess moisture;
  • air gap – ensures air circulation inside the structure and reduces heat loss in the cold season;
    facing made of metal cassettes.
The main advantages of aluminium facades are:
  • extended service life;
  • environmental resistance;
  • easy installation;
  • ensuring an optimal microclimate inside the building;
  • wear resistance.

Cooperation with Ural Aluminium Company LLC allows the customer to receive a full range of services during construction, from design to installation. And we guarantee the quality of products and the best price in the market.
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