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Aluminium sheet is the most popular type of aluminium rolled products. It can be used across all industries: aircraft construction, shipbuilding, chemical industry, power engineering, construction, and many others. It is produced from almost all alloys meeting the Russian and European classifications, with a thickness of 0.5 mm to 10.5 mm and a width of up to 2,000 mm.
Classification by the state of material:
No heat treatment – no additional designation;
annealed – O
cold-worked – H
semi-cold-worked – H2
hardened and artificially aged – T1
hardened and naturally aged – T
cold-worked after hardening and natural ageing – TH.
Classification by manufacturing technology:
plated — with process plating – B
non-plated — no additional designation
with thickened plating – U
with standard plating – A
with increased manufacturing accuracy – P (designation example: AMg5M 1.5Px1,500x3,000). Applies to thickness, width, length.
high surface finish – V (designation example: GOST 21631-76. V).
advanced surface finish – P (designation example: GOST 21631-76. P).
We have in stock a wide range of aluminium sheets made of various alloys: A5, AD1, AMts, AMg2, AMg3, AMg6, D16, and we can make any customized sheet in the shortest time possible.
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