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Aluminium rods/bars are manufactured as per GOST 21488-97 with a diameter of 8mm to 430mm. Available with round, square, and hexagonal sections. They are produced from virtually all aluminium alloys, such as: D16, B95, AD0, AD1, AD31, AMG2, AMG6, etc.

Classification by manufacturing accuracy:

  • PP stands for a rod/bar of increased manufacturing strength.
  • P – a rod/bar of increased manufacturing accuracy.
  • B – a rod/bar of high precision manufacturing.

The most popular types of rods/bars are circle and hexagon. They are widely used in power engineering, instrument engineering, mechanical engineering, and the defense industry.

Ural Aluminium Company LLC can manufacture and supply products of any standard sizes as per customer request and specifications. As an option, shipments can be supported by RT-Tekhpriyomka or Aviatekhpriyomka acceptance certificates.

For more details on the product availability, cost, or lead times, please call our managers +7(495)647-67-69. Or email your inquiries to

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