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Aluminium profile features high strength properties; it is interchangeable with other metals. It is made of aluminium alloys as per customer drawings. AD0, AD1, AD31(6060, 6061) alloys are used in the aerospace industry, construction; bicycles, motorcycles, spaceships are made of aluminium. Machining, RAL coating, and applying a protective coating make aluminium a unique across-the-board material.

Ural Aluminium Company offers profiles of:

  • any complexity
  • circumscribed circle of 10mm to 400mm
  • 2m to 15m in length,
  • linear weight of 0.2kg to 25 kg
  • designing customer matrix sets
  • of the aluminium alloys as follows: AD1, AD0, 6060, 6061, 6063, 6082, AD31, AD33, AD35, AMg2, AMg3, etc. as per GOST, specifications (TU), industry standards.
  • minimum order quantity – 500kg.
  • profile machining using CNC machines, as well as bending, milling.
  • RAL coating
  • pre-anodizing treatment of profiles – ballizing
  • anodizing (with an anodized layer thickness of 15µm to 25µm)

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