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Aluminium plate is widely used in aviation and mechanical engineering, radio electronics, electrical engineering, and other industries. It is made by rolling with a thickness of 10.5 to 300 mm, width of 1,000 to 2,500 mm, length of up to 30,000 mm.

Main types of plates:

  • Non-plated – no additional designation
  • Plated – 2 types::
  • with standard plating – A;
  • with process plating – B;

Edge type:

Sheared edge;

Milled edge;

Classification by the state of material:

No heat treatment– no additional designation;

(T) – hardened and naturally aged;

(T1) – hardened and artificially aged;

Aluminium plate pros:

  • strength and high uniformity
  • high machining speed;
  • manufacturing to customized dimensions to reduce waste when machining ;
  • high resistance to corrosion due to the protective oxide layer;

Products intended for shipment can be supported by RT-Tekhpriyomka or RRR acceptance certificates for use at defence contractors and shipbuilding plants.

We have in stock a wide range of aluminium plates made of various alloys: A5, AD1, AMts, AMg2, AMg3, AMg5, AMg6, D16,, 11105, V95, and we can make any customized plate in the shortest time possible.

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